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Western Philosophy Intro Reader (the 10 [20] mintue version)

2 min read

Irwin DeVries tweeted about looking for a Western Philosophy Intro Reader. This is a ten minute start on that.

From an Open Yale syllabus let's take an initial set of readings "PLSC 114: Introduction to Political Philosophy (Fall, 2006) Steven B. Smith,"


Plato, Trial and Death of Socrates
Plato, Republic
Aristotle, Politics
Machiavelli, The Prince
Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan
John Locke, Second Treatise of Government
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Political Writings
Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America


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I'm not sure how copyrightable that list of text is [I doubt is is these are pretty standard/ common knowledge/ but let's cite the above as a starting point]. If we compare the wikipedia article on Political Philosophy. one thing that I notice is that Aquinas and Marx are missing (I can't judge if David Hume should be there as well John Stuart Mill).
Project Gutenberg offers us a bookshelf

but also has available Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes .

Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America is at project gutenberg but also at or

An editable version of Rousseau in English seems trickier there's but it's a mess of ads and unclear rights.

Any how that's been 20 minutes and I've a meeting, hopefully this will save someone some time ... this of course isn't the hard part. that comes with selecting and introducing the texts, struggling with old / biased translations, and having enough subject knoweldge to know how to frame the whole thing.


Announcing eXperience Play – Keegan Long-Wheeler

Keegan's 5 week game making / twine / instruction course


ETUG (BC ) interesting model of lightening round of sharing failures


again with the study on distracted note taking ... ;-)

what about intentional incorporated use? but yes, on their own if people are distracted they take poorer notes.


Lily for the day



Why come to a library space?

1 min read

[A placeholder for thoughts]

What do you offer that they can't get via wifi?

Space? (role of 3rd place)

3d Printing?

Data vizualisation? And VR...


Relationship with wider fac dev / PD ? local?

Relationship with IT?

Research consult?

What do the physical (not yet digital ) resources offer? why?

Budget? Flexibility of space?

Outreach? Community Engagement?

How can you showcase what they do?


St. Patrick's Day

1 min read

A few DH-ish resources for today

"So I am first of all a simple country person, a refugee, and unlearned. I do not know how to provide for the future. "

St . Patrick's Confession . 12 from .


Data visualization of names form 1890 census

And Mapping the Emerald Isle: a geo-genealogy of Irish surnames


HTCVive / steam VR gets it right; loved playing with the balloons and watching the sea life. The sensors/ grids help [they map defined safe to move space]. though you still look foolish in the photos ;-)